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Pride and Glory (2008)


Colin Farrell, Edward Norton, Jon Voight, Noah Emmerich

The story unravels around a traditional family of police officers. After an investigations that points to a corruption in the force the family’ s legacy.

The Tierney familly was a proud familly and then the son in law came and ruined everything. Then it was all about issues: The brother who has the dying wife, the brother who quit the force, but his dad put him back and life goes on.

All and all the story is kind of melodramatic, but the director made a good job not to push it too much.


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Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008)


This movie is about zombies, which I really hate seeing, but this movie rocks. It rocks so much that they were really tolerable to see. The Japanese vision of how a movie should be based on a video game is so much better than the American. Max Payne and Hitman are completely trash in front of this. Also the producers of the Resident Evil movies should be ashamed of themselves. All the movies suck and if it wasn’ t for Milla Jovovich noone would bother to see it. There is always something happening during this movie and you never get bored.

OK, there are no actual people here and the 3D makes it a little strange, but I have some respect for that, because this is not an easy task. Making a movie completely in 3D is like having a baby. It starts with a cell that multiplies and becomes a human. With movies it starts with a simple box and becomes the movies you see. It’s  like a miracle.

The movie poster is a little incomplete and it needs more work. Watch it guys!

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