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Mama’s Boys (2008)


Three mama’ s boys have to choose from thirty women packed in a huge estate.

It is a difficult job for the boys since all the women are so beautiful, but the mamas know best. It is only a handful of them that they approve and they have to make their best to have the last word on their boys.

The highlight of the show is Jojo’s mom (the one in the far left) who says she doesn’t like black girls, asian girls, fat girls, non catholic girls, from divorced family girls, wearing too much make-up girls and she likes girls that they are submissive to her will. She didn’t mention if she wants virgins named Maria so things cannot be that bad. After all she asked with humility to understand her logic. ( I think not!) Poor Jojo after that show girls will be changing direction when they see him.

I do not feel that a reality is the best place to meet the person you will live the rest of your life with, but of course you never know.


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Seven Pounds (2008)


Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson, Michael Ealy, Barry Pepper

A man who was responsible of a fatal car accident seeks redemption by saving the lives of seven people.

Totally predictable. You know the obvious from the first ten minutes of the movie. The story is 5 minutes of each person in distress which is a total of 30 minutes of the movie and the rest is the fresh blossomed love story of Will Smith and Rosario Dawson who suffers from a heart condition. Ok, if I say more you will get the end if you haven’t figured it out yet.

The way the story ends is quite impressive, but totally stupid. Perhaps this is why it is impressive.

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