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Coraline (2009)


Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Keith David, Ian McShane

A girl who feels neglected by her parents finds a secret door that leads to a world similar to the real one, only there everything is perfect. Soon she will realize that this world hides a terrible secret and she will have to find a way to get away to save herself and her family.

I watched this movie with 3D glasses, supposed to enhance the movie, but who needs 3D glasses for such an excellent movie. I cannot think of anything negative to say.

I was so sad when it was over.

I have a small video of how the movie was made after the trailer and you really have to see it to realize how talented the people who have worked in this movie are.


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Knowing (2009)


Nicolas Cage, Rose Byrne, Chandler Canterbury, Lara Robinson

In 1959 the children of an elementary school decide to paint what they think the future will be. They put the paintings in a capsule that they bury in order to reopen it in 50 years. In2009 they open it and one of them contains not a picture, but a sequence of numbers that fall in the hands of the only person who can understand them and realizes that they predict catastrophes that date till the end of the world.

How can such an excellent idea for a  movie can become such a lousy movie. You are sitting comfortably in you cinema chair and suddenly you cannot believe your eyes and your ears. Are you supposed to laugh or get angry for your lost money and time? And when you think that things cannot get worse they really do. And then they get even worse. And then even worse. And guess what! They get far more worse.

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Easy Virtue (2008)


Jessica Biel, Ben Barnes, Kristin Scott Thomas, Colin Firth

A glamorous American woman marries a younger than her rich Englishman and they go to meet his bad in cloth-taste family. They will make her life difficult, but she will fight back.

Things are not as tragic that it may seem. It is not a cry movie and there are some comedy moments, like when Jessica Biel kills a chihuahua with her firm butt. But when people will begin to describe their issues in life the movie becomes serious. Fortunately the film does not give you a reason to feel depressed so that makes it quite entertaining.

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The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008)


Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates, Jaden Smith, John Cleese, Jon Hamm, Robert Knepper

The remake of the 1951 classic film. Strange spheres come out of nowhere and then once again at the US soil a strange robot and an alien appear to informs us that we are doomed, because we are bad and disrespectful of the nature. A scientist who happens to be there is determined to change his mind. So far we are still here so I guess she made it.

That was boring. I don’t know why. Perhaps there are too many films about our doom that we do not care anymore.

I kinda feel that Keanu Reeves has only one expression the past 10 years or his acting career or his face has no muscles at all. I really liked Jaden Smith who apparently got both his parents genes.

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The Gene Generation (2007)


Ling Bai, Faye Dunaway, Alec Newman, Robert David Hall

In the future DNA is the new weapon. The DNA hackers can hack in other peoples DNA and kill them. Here comes Michell, a hired assassin who has the important job to wipe them out. Other than that she has a loser brother who always gets in trouble and she tries to save him, she likes that guy next door and dreams of having a quiet life in the countryside.

I have to admit that I believed that the movie was going to be really crap. But I was wrong. It has an interesting story, but obviously the money were short so it was as good as it could get.

I also have to admit that I thought the worst for Bai Ling, because when her name was on the table I had some “accidental” wardrobe malfunctions on my mind. The Greeks say “Better lose your eye than your name”.

And here comes the awful truth. I didn’t see the whole movie. I know I’m bad. I was trying to see it, but there was always something more interesting to do than watch it, and the way the plot was unraveled it seemed like forever. So even though the movie is quite violent and dark and Michelle kicks ass I decided that killing boars in World Of Warcraft was more exciting.

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Ask Men Top99 Women Edition 2009

1024x768_top99_wallpaper’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women is an annual list compiled by AM readers and staff, ranking the famous females deemed to be the year’s most alluring. Readers are asked to look beyond sex appeal and beauty to pick women who have the characteristics they value in a potential companion, like intelligence, humor, charisma, and ambition. The result is a list that acts as the definitive gauge for identifying what modern men desire most in their female companions. After a month-long voting period that saw more than 10 million votes cast, the ballots have closed, the tallying is complete, and the Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2009 are ready to be revealed.

What men want is this Top99 for men to form their opinions for the famous women mentioned in the text above that I copy pasted from the site. I would like to mention the scientific value of this ballot, because the site requested men to choose overlooking sex appeal and beauty. So why women bellow #50 have less clothes than the ones above? How can a woman who is only known for her hula-hoop skills is valued as a potential companion? It seems that men when asked to look beyond sex appeal and beauty can only look to sex appeal and beauty.

OK, I agree that the first step to build a relationship that can lead to a companionship should start with “How good is the sex?” . Then you can have all the time you need to know the other person better. But seriously, most of the women there are really sexy? WTF!!!

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Dragonquest (2009)


A young hero will arise to save the world… again.

What a movie. Such fresh ideas that we’ve never seen before.

A young man who happens to be the chosen one finds the truth, but he really is not ready for such a quest, because nobody wanted to tell him the truth and prepare him. Then he will have to complete a series of quests in order to find some jewels that will complete a pendant that has the power to awaken a dragon that can defeat a dead guy. This is a one man job, because everybody expects him to do the whole thing while the rest sits and waits.

These quests are not that difficult. I can be the chosen one. Everyone can break out of a prison with one guard. Everyone has given a penny to a poor guy. Everyone will freeze at the site of a huge spider. And the hero did not go to the bathtub with that girl, because we all know that a hero never has sex before marriage. Yes, he will defeat the bad guy with his virtue. Hail, to the virgins of the world for they hold our salvation.

The actrors performances are so breathtaking that I can only compare to a porn movie star before the sex scene and the battles are so epic that I can only compare to Worf’s agility in Star Trek.

Watch at you own risk.

Cannot even find a trailer for this one. Cannot find a good poster. It seems the producers didn’t even bother.

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Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)


Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy, Joan Cusack, John Goodman, John Lithgow, Kristin Scott Thomas

Long Story Short: A beautiful young woman suffering form a compulsive shopping disorder with a huge dept finds a new job and love. That pretty much is the whole story from beginning to the end. Not that I spoil anything here, but everyone can figure out the end. Its the same story every single time when it comes to romantic comedies.

Analysis: A beautiful young woman is hired by a guy, because he likes her ideas, but we all know he is sexually attracted to her. She appears at the job interview telling all the wrong stuff a person shouldn’t say, but the other candidates were guys and a woman in a suit. Then, the first day at the office he realizes she is completely clueless, but instead of firing her he takes her to a party with business associates and future customers and she says all the stupid things a person can say, but since it is movie everybody loves her. In the real world nobody likes to be criticized or slapped. What happens next is a sh…ty situation when she loses everything, but since we said again this is a movie everything works fine in the end.

You might say that I said the whole movie, but I’m trying to save you 90 minutes of your lives. You really don’ t want to see a woman screaming and being stupid and trying to persuade you that she became a shopaholic, because she has issues when the other girls had shinier shoes and clothes when she was a child. This called jealousy that leads to materialism.

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Watchmen (2009)


Malin Akerman, Malin Akerman, Matthew Goode, Jackie Earle Haley, Jackie Earle Haley, Patrick Wilson, Carla Gugino

The time is 1985 and people are afraid of a nuclear holocaust. The superheroes are banned from their duties at these difficult times, but the death of one of their own reunites them in pursuit of the awful truth.

The movie almost 3 hours long and the problem with that is that at some point you have to visit the… washroom.Besides this I do not see any other problem with the movie. The time past so fast that I didn’t realize it.

I had an excellent time during this movie. The superheroes are just ordinary people with super-karate skills, super-strength and a super-imaginative costume and gadget designer. They are not about saving the world, because mama likes it that way. It is about having a good time while saving the world. They smoke, they swear, they hate and they are having sex. The exception is Dr. Manhattan who does not have feelings anymore so he saves the world because he remembers it is a good thing.

The cast is almost people I almost never heard before with the exception of Carla Gugino who I always find juicy beautiful, but they fit like glove in their parts.

There is nudity to the point that some will find it very informative – Yeah, Dr. Manhattan is the new sex symbol – so I would recommend parents not to allow their children to watch it until the age of 18. Of course they already know about that stuff and there is nothing you can do, but whatever.

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