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The Girls Of Hedsor Hall (2009)


Another reality that caught my attention.

12 American girls have locked themselves in Hedsor Hall in hope of winning a price of 100 thousand dollars. In order to do that they have to endure a transformation from ill mannered to high society aristocrats mannered.

The first impression is that those girls want to change their lives and learn how to behave without look ridiculous or bitchy. I wonder how does learning how to hold a fork and knife is going to change your life? How does eating a pork’s tongue is going to make you a better person?

The second impression was their instructors. Those girls are called losers from day one, but of course in “kinder” words. They make them wear school uniforms, not to wear make-up and they are not allowed to speak their minds. If they dare to form an opinion that does not fit the ears and the brains of their instructors they are marked for the chopping block.  Specifically the headmistress with the upside smile and the slooooooooow speach needs some awakening slaps. “Whaaaat I heeeeeear is prepooosterous. I cannnn’t beliiiiieve you diiiiiiid somethiiing like thaaaat!”

What she calls preposterous is what I call a reality. I don’t know if you grew up in silk sheets wearing cashmere pumpers locked inside those stone walls, but those girls are not losers. They are everyday people with addictions and survival problems that you do nothing about that. You call it a negative attitude towards life and concealing it for being acceptable from well mannered logs is not going to solve the problem.

Iiii thiiink thiiis reaaality shooow iiis prepoooooooooooosterous.

P.S. There is a contestant called Brianna Frost who is going to make a huge career in the porn industry after this show. She made sure there are some hot videos of her before she becomes the horny in a school girl uniform. Mark my words!


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Mama’s Boys (2008)


Three mama’ s boys have to choose from thirty women packed in a huge estate.

It is a difficult job for the boys since all the women are so beautiful, but the mamas know best. It is only a handful of them that they approve and they have to make their best to have the last word on their boys.

The highlight of the show is Jojo’s mom (the one in the far left) who says she doesn’t like black girls, asian girls, fat girls, non catholic girls, from divorced family girls, wearing too much make-up girls and she likes girls that they are submissive to her will. She didn’t mention if she wants virgins named Maria so things cannot be that bad. After all she asked with humility to understand her logic. ( I think not!) Poor Jojo after that show girls will be changing direction when they see him.

I do not feel that a reality is the best place to meet the person you will live the rest of your life with, but of course you never know.

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