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The City (2008)


Whitney Port, Jay Lyon, Erin Lucas, Adam Senn, Olivia Palermo, Samantha Swetra

This is one TV-Series that is supposed to be a reality or something and shouldn’t exist in the first place. If those stories are true then I feel sorry about these people, because their lives are so boring that I am sure they will become drug addicts if they do not kill themselves from boredom.

Firstly, the only thing they do besides their work is having coffee and chat or having dinner and chat.

Second, what they are chatting about is irrelevant, because they seem to repeat over and over again “OK!” and “Oh, Great!” and “Fine!”

Third, Whitney Port is having a relationship with a guy, but he is not really her boyfriend and she is “tasting” other guys too. So when she tells him that she had dinner with someone she didn’t know he became the prime male and proposed her to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

And last but not least, we know how lame your conversations are, but do not let everybody know that your guy might be cheating on you. It doesn’t look good especially for you. This is where “Everything is great and fine” should be used for. Plus, nobody really cares.

Ain’t that boring? Do something else. Like, the collage of yours can stub you in the back and make you look incompetent at work and then you can have a girl fight and pull each others hair. You can go for a hike and get lost in the woods and have to survive eating worms for a weekend. Of course one of you has to break a leg. And even better, have a car accident and leave the man behind so that he can come and avenge you slowly, but painfully. Damn, I am so good.

And here is the parody of the hills. So fun!


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Knight Rider (2008) TV-Show (Episode 01.01)

Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Bruce Davison

I remember watching the old Knight Rider with David Hasselhoff that drove a car with a personality and had this cool light that everybody wanted to install in their car.

Now the son of Michael Knight drives a car with artificial intelligence that has transformers tecknology. It could be the son of Optimus Prime if Transformers had any means of reproduction at all, but i think the Great Maker didn’t think of that or it was just a kid’s show back then. I think Optimus banged a simple car when he visited earth, because the new KITT can only transform from a family car to a sport’s car and a truck. He cannot grow any arms and legs, dammit!

Now Michael junior who his surname is not Knight, but Traceur, found that someone has been messing with his mind so the purpose of the new series is to find out the truth and expose it. You know, the usual stuff.

This is the trailer for the pilot episode that I didn’t see yet. So there are two options.  I will see it or I will never see it.

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Afro Samurai (2007) TV-Show

Samuel L. Jackson, Kelly Hu, Ron Perlman

A black samurai wants to avenge his father’ s death.

This is a five episode story and most part of it is blood spilling everywhere. Most of the part of the blood spilling is the Afro samurai who get his ass kicked pretty hard, but being a good brutal skillful samurai means that you will find a way at the last minute.

Well, it has great design, great music, great fighting sequences and if you like manga you will love it.

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True Blood (2008) TV-Show

Anna Paquin, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Alexander Skaarsgard

The vampires have decided to reveal their existence to their… food. Two years later in a small town a waitress who can read people’ s minds meets a vampire and they fall in love.

I always enjoy stories about vampires, but this is not a story about vampires. It is a love story and one of the two just happens to be a vampire and the other reads people ‘s minds, but I already mentioned that. How normal. Oh, the vampire protagonist happens to be the beautiful mysterious guy with the face of a fragile melancholic rose. Blond definitely is not Anna Paquin’ s color.

As I said before love stories are boring, but a love story with vampires and a pile of ten corpses at each episode is exciting. This one has only two bodies at the second episode and they didn’t bother to die from blood loss. Seeing the first episode I made myself believe that the second must be a little more interesting, but I was wrong. At the end of episode 2 I had the feeling that I saw 3 boring movies in a row. This means that I won’t be seeing the rest of the season.

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24: Day Zero

Hey, look what what I’ve found. Don’t know if there is more but sure is funny.

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24: Jack Bauer Rules

24 is one of my favorite TV-series ever and Jack Bauer is one of my favorite characters. The guy is literally a superman. He dodges bullets, he dies and comes back to life, he gets beaten, burnt, knifed, strangled, betrayed but he overcomes all those with his cunning mind. Just don’t get in his way. He has no remorse and you’ll be dead in seconds.

He loves his country, but the country hates him. The country killed his wife, alienated his daughter from him, ordered to arrest him, kill him, put him to drugs and threw him away to the garbage when she was done with him.  It’s not the country’s fault. It’s the politicians. This is why half of them died since season one. They messed with Bauer. Death will come and find you if not Bauer himself. Oh, and it was the Chinese that kidnapped his girlfriend.

What startled me in this series and we recognize the magnificence of the writers is that we see two black presidents in a row and at season seven a woman president. You can tell these people are ahead of their time.

Also Bauer has a mystical power that makes all of his friends unable to say “No” to him. Either that or he is a Jedi. “Hey, I need a favor from you that it will endanger your job and your life. I cannot tell you what it is right now, but you have to trust me.” “OK!”

What can I say? The world needs Jack Bauer, because when you ask for his help he becomes the Knight of Justice and Truth even if he has to bend the rules of Justice and Truth. He just makes the job done in 24 hours.

Here is the trailer for the seventh season which airs on January 2009. You are welcome Kiefer, but my favorite season was the fifth. And for you information after a year of waiting I forgot there is a 24 series. For your sake I will wait few months more.

Don’t forget to watch the “24: Exile” on 23 November 2008 which is a prequel epeisode for the season to come.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

I am lost and confused with Lost, because it started well, but then it got confused in the process.

The story is about some passengers who survived from a plane crush on a tropical island that noone knows it exists, but surely is heavily populated for an island that noone knows it exists. Also this island has a high rate of mortality. People there are getting shot, back stabbed, drawn, eaten by polar bears, bitten by spiders or meet a mysterious but deadly black smoke.

The island has a mind of its own apparently because it speaks to some of the “special” people there like John Locke. Special might as well translate into mental, because islands don’t speak and people shouldn’t go near people who are mental and trust their judgments, unless they have hunting skills and provide food. There is also Ben Linus who doesn’t here voices from the island, but from an invincible guy living in a hut, who communicates with the island. The least dangerous is Hurley who is aware he is crazy, but noone believes it.

Also it has healing powers because people nearly dead or incapacitated get miraculously well. They just die because they are getting shot, back stabbed, drawn, eaten by polar bears, bitten by spiders or meet a mysterious but deadly black smoke.

Most importantly and unexpected is that it moves. Not that it grows feet and starts running in the water, but it vanishes out of thin air.

The first season was nice. You could tell this show is different and has new things and ideas to present, but the second season started well then it got boring and finished well. Watching the third and forth season I knew this must end, because everything got so mixed up that I was wandering why I was doing this to myself. While watching the three episode finale of the last season I was hoping this would end there, but I was wrong. What more is there? Well, we will just have to wait till January 2009 and see.

As mentioned before John Locke is nuts, Ben too. Jack is always stressed and needs to relax. Kate has a talent to make the stupidest decisions in her life, Sawyer was interesting, but became a whimper. The rest are plain ordinary characters who most of them are going to die.

Rodrigo Santoro should have had a bigger part. Killing him was a HUGE mistake! 

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Sex & The City

Poster from the movie

Poster from the movie

Sex & The City started as a series with four women at their thirties and something and it ended with the movie and the same women at their forties and something.

Charlotte still looks beautiful for the past ten years. The only thing she ever wanted was the marry Mr. Prince Perfect, but life put it that way that she married the bald-hairy back-short Jew. Life isn’t perfect, but as long as she is happy we are happy.

Miranda never know what she wanted from her life. She let things happen and faces problems that come through quite hysterically. Your husband is a hero. Really? You didn’t have sex for six months? He should have left you ages ago. He tried to be nice to you and you didn’t allow him to have sex with you for six months. Obviously there is more to that than “There is no time for sex”. You make the time, lady. It’ s sex. There are no excuses to that.

Samantha,knew she wanted men… or just a part of them. But face it! You are the older in this friendship and you are way past forty. You don’t decide after 5 years of having regularly sex with the absolute hunk who still adores you to go and find some more men… or just parts of them. At your almost 50 you ask him to marry you so you still have regular sex for 5 more years until he dumps you eventually to find somehting fresh. Mature eventually becomes rotten.

Carrie is so much in love with felling in love that she got confused. Perhaps you are in love with Mr. Big, but you had a very healthy relationship with Aidan and you blew him away. So what if he wanted you just to make you a reproduction machine. He is younger and much better looking and he also has big money. Women marry at their forties, because they are afraid to be left alone.

Jason Lewis still is the Absolute Hunk!

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