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Driven to Kill (2009)


Steven Seagal

Ruslan is an ex-Russian mobster. When someone tries to kill his daughter at her wedding day he will seek revenge against his old nemesis.

I have the highest respect for Steven Seagal, because he is the only person who can kill 5 men in row with a golden credit card. Also he is the only person who can kill hundreds of people in a movie without sweating or change a face expression, because he is a cool guy. I do not know if he has a second expression to show us, but this is an action movie and you just need one cool expression either when you pee or stab someone multiple times with a rusty spoon.

I don’t know if I should recommend anyone see this movie. Russian mobsters are way out of fashion. Now the big thing is terrorism from the least expected people (see 24). Also it is out of fashion to be too much of a macho man when you have the law enforcement people to help you out and DNA to prove the one who was holding the gun. Also Seagal is twice the man he used to be ( in body mass) and sometimes his pronunciation reminded me of Silverster Stalone. I will give him credit though, because he is in better shape than he used to be in years.

I have to admit that I watched the movie for one reason only. His name is Steven Seagal. You messed with his daughter prepare to die.


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