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The City (2008)


Whitney Port, Jay Lyon, Erin Lucas, Adam Senn, Olivia Palermo, Samantha Swetra

This is one TV-Series that is supposed to be a reality or something and shouldn’t exist in the first place. If those stories are true then I feel sorry about these people, because their lives are so boring that I am sure they will become drug addicts if they do not kill themselves from boredom.

Firstly, the only thing they do besides their work is having coffee and chat or having dinner and chat.

Second, what they are chatting about is irrelevant, because they seem to repeat over and over again “OK!” and “Oh, Great!” and “Fine!”

Third, Whitney Port is having a relationship with a guy, but he is not really her boyfriend and she is “tasting” other guys too. So when she tells him that she had dinner with someone she didn’t know he became the prime male and proposed her to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

And last but not least, we know how lame your conversations are, but do not let everybody know that your guy might be cheating on you. It doesn’t look good especially for you. This is where “Everything is great and fine” should be used for. Plus, nobody really cares.

Ain’t that boring? Do something else. Like, the collage of yours can stub you in the back and make you look incompetent at work and then you can have a girl fight and pull each others hair. You can go for a hike and get lost in the woods and have to survive eating worms for a weekend. Of course one of you has to break a leg. And even better, have a car accident and leave the man behind so that he can come and avenge you slowly, but painfully. Damn, I am so good.

And here is the parody of the hills. So fun!


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