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Up! (2009)


Edward Asner, Christopher Plummer, Delroy Lindo, Jordan Nagai

An old man decides to make the journey of his lifetime by making his house air born with balloons. He have an 8 year old stowaway and he will meet new people only to find out that the biggest journey is life itself.

Pixar never seems to disappoint me in. After much consideration I decided that I love it. I say that because the story is not really a child’s story. It is about a grandpa who promised his wife to take her to a journey to South America and when he finally made the arrangements and bought the tickets she died. So he filled his house with balloons just before a mega-corporation could demolish it and send him to a retirement home. Isn’t that sad? Also the is the stowaway is kid who has it’s own sad story and they meet an explorer who has his own story and the story ends bitter happy.

If I were 10 years old I wouldn’t understant that, but kids are kids and they see things in theis bubble so they will enjoy it as much as I did.


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